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Santas 2016

This Christmas, Best Entertainers truly becameSanta Central”.  We had all our Santas busy as elves, and our selection of Santas could fit any event.  I laugh when I categorize them: we have “supermodel” Santas- so gorgeous Heidi Klum would be jealous!  We have Showman Santas, Santas who are perfect with special needs kids and adults, bilingual Santas, and even our Comedian “bad Santa” wowed adults with his custom written comedy.  (Bad Santa is never vulgar, just good fun for adults).   We are already re-booking Santas  for 2017!

Thank you to all our clients who made Santa’s eyes sparkle with joy in celebrating their special day with him.  It’s truly as beautiful an experience for Santa as it is for the children (and the children at heart).