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About MC Louis


Louis Epstein

Louis Epstein, award winning writer, actor, national performing stand-up comic and international performing improvisational artist, has performed locally and nationally for corporate events since 1981. He loves personalizing events. As an award-winning corporate writer, he can write specialty material for any event. He has written full award scripts; eg: for Keppel O&M, and Microsoft. Louis is comfortable being a personable well-paced MC to being a creative front man. Louis has worked all areas of entertainment, and is therefore very good at seeing the big picture.

With his innate ability to “read” a crowd and immediately know what will work best with any group, Louis is able to change directions on a dime and keep the show moving no matter what happens. He makes guests comfortable and welcome on stage. He commits to a lot of backstage preparation; and he prefers to meet with his clients in order to configure the best possible outcome based on their vision.

Louis has also served on the boards of the following organizations: ILEA, NACE, and MPI.
Clients include: Dynegy, Keppel O & M, Verizon Wireless, Sysco, Shell, Kidney Foundation, Microsoft WPC, Roper Pumps, et al.