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About Dallas


DJ Dallas

Dallas is our friendly, “hometown boy” who has infectious energy and music skills to boot. Dallas is equally great with adults and kids, and is a really fun MC. And he even speaks Spanish! He is also a professional musician and tours with a Country Western band; and he knows all styles & eras of music, and stays current.



too damn cute and too damn good (...)Thanks a million. It was the best.”

Kathy Tauber- planner, Great Gatherings

I just wanted to email you about the Western Dance DJ - DJ Dallas. Thank you so much for suggesting him! He was amazing, and my residents absolutely LOVED HIM. They are already talking about what event they can have him at next. I have been here for about two years, and as you know Louis has been #1. DJ Dallas is probably tied for that spot now! He was so involved, and even went on the dance floor to teach the residents steps to a dance. He made my job easy, and I can’t wait to work with him in the future.