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Travel Convention

Elias Events contracted us to develop, schedule and stage manage entertainment for 1000 guests. Talent included strolling entertainers performing variety acts, a VJ in the sky, Hip Hop/break dancers, an aerial duo that also did strength and balancing, and a one-of-a-kind ballroom champion and illusionist duo. Two balconies featured three different photo-ops and henna artists. Two club spaces spotlighting a Latin band; a Rhythm and Blues band, and other unique strolling performers kept delightfully surprising the guest and kept the party excitement electric.


Texas Children’s Event

This annual, mostly outdoor event is designed like a picnic with unique craft activities, strolling entertainers, interactive DJ’s, carnival games, a petting zoo and pony rides. Most of the entertainment is geared for children under ten, and we have lots of fun hands-on helpers and costumed characters to help enhance their experience. We provide the talent, activities, staff, and facilitate on the day of the event.

Superbowl 38 (2003)

We were honored work with Marguerite Berry & Associates as the entertainment provider for multiple corporate hospitality suites and selected by the national Super Bowl planner to provide entertainment for the VIP suites at Reliant Center now NRG). Entertainment included DJ’s, Music soloists, combos, and full bands in all genres: Western, Jazz, Contemporary Rock, New Orleans R&B, Tropical, Mariachis, and Top 40. Stand outs in the themed entertainment were Armadillo Races, C&W line dancers, & Trick Ropers.